The Candidate Experience Report

Find out what 200 developers and data scientists really think about the hiring process and how to improve it.


In this report, you'll learn:

  • What candidates like and dislike about today's hiring process. 
  • The biggest mistakes companies make when qualifying candidates.
  • Key takeaways that can improve the candidate experience to attract and retain top talent.


What is the source of the data used for this report?

The data gathered for this report is from our 2022 Technical Interview Survey Filtered, conducted late last year. We asked engineers and data scientists to share the good, the bad, and the ugly related to their recent interviewing experiences to inform companies on how to improve their hiring practices.  

Who is Filtered?

Filtered is on a mission to reinvent technical hiring.

Our technical interview platform automates and streamlines how hiring teams screen and interview engineering, data science and DevOps candidates. Customers using Filtered experience 4X faster time-to-hire and save 1000+ engineering interview hours per year.

We’re based in Boston, MA, however we have employees all over the globe, and we are backed by Andrew Ng’s AI Fund, Silicon Valley Data Capital, and TDF Ventures.

How are we different?

Unlike most technical assessment platforms that only offer coding tests, Filtered's skills-based hiring platform provides job simulations.

These simulations mimic a company's tech stack, which allows hiring managers to better verify candidates' skills related to the actual job while providing candidates with a clear picture of the work they'll be doing on a daily basis.  

We also offer the ability to assess the soft skills of the candidates through our video and text-based questions to get a complete picture of a candidate's technical abilities, communication skills, and conceptual thinking. 


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